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#101: Water filters: Tisa comments

From: Benedict Tisa <btisa@smtp.aed.org>

 Simple home water filters have been used for years in Africa and Asia 
 that consisted of two clay pots on top of each other. The top clay pot 
 has small drain holed in the bottom and is filled with layers of sand, 
 charcoal. Water is poured into the top pot and the water drips through 
 the filter mediums into the pot below. Although this will not filter out 
 all of the danger that might be in the water...this coupled with 
 sunlight will make water safe without having to invest in expensive 
 filtration methods.

 On the earlier topic as to why there is a preference to  give more 
 injections in Haiti that in the US has much to do with the French 
 medical system that has favored injections as a treatment for various 
 illness. The same preferences are also found in Africa where it is also 
 believed that you have not received proper treatment unless you receive 
 the "silver bullet" of the injection.

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>>> Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com> 07/06/99 01:37PM >>>


Dirty water is a bane of poor peoples lives in Haiti.
Many people buy Culligan water who cannot really afford it.
A five gallon bottle of Culligan costs five haitian dollars.
This is more than purified water costs in California.

I read some time ago about a stainless steel, British
made water filter that uses the ceramic and silver filters
which the potters for peace were talking about having
made at pandiassou.

I've discovered that the english company sells a terra cotta
version. It is available through Lehmans, the Amish supplier. The Amish
supply website is http://www.lehmans.com.
An Amish website? Kul!

Here is the direct link to their water purification page.


They have very nice kerosene lanterns also.

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