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Arts in Haiti: A press release

From: Robert Belenky <bobelenk@yahoo.com>

This is a press release on the Alternative Arts Studio in
Haiti.  Please do what you can to get the word around:

The Alternative Arts Studio:  A group of six Haitian fine
artists have organized a collective, "The Alternative
Arts Studio."  In addition to their painting, they also
have taken on several street children as apprentices. 
They house and feed the children and teach them literacy

The artists are engaged in selling their work on the
international market.  Two gallery shows are scheduled
for the United States in the coming fall and winter.

The Alternative Arts Studio is located in the town of
Mont-Rouis, a beautiful beach community on the Caribbean.

The artists have announced that they have opened a guest
house.  They seek to attract American and European
artists or students who wish to learn to work in Haitian
art traditions--or who simply want an unusual and
productive vacation.  The artists help people understand
the Creole langauge as well as Haitian history, culture,
current problems and the complexities of Haitian

Best of all, visitors become part of a vital Haitian

Costs are modest. 

Contact:  'Jean Role Jean Louis, Coordinator, Alternative
Arts Studio' <NaStudArt@publi-tronic.com>.

The best way to find out more is to contact Jean Role by
e-mail.  Or, you may ask me.  But I am only a consultant
on the part having to do with street children.  He is the
better choice for hard information.  I can give you my
impressions which--as you may imagine--are very positive



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