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#212: Two Prints of Saint Domingue (fwd)

From: Alan Moss <alanmoss@caribsurf.com>

I was very pleased to be able to buy in a local auction today two
attractive copper engravings of scenes in St. Domingue, and I wonder
whether anyone on the list can offer any information which would help to
identify their source.  They appear to be 18th century, are hand-coloured,
and were issued as nos. 9 and 12 in a series.  No. 9, Vue de la Ville de
Jeremie, Isle St. Domingue, is lettered Oxanne Delineavit and N. Ponce,
Direxit.  No. 12, La Port de Nippe, Isle St. Domingue, has Oxanne Del. and
N. Ponce Excud.  Both have the letters A.P.D.R. below the title.  

Does anyone recognize them?

Please respond directly to Alan at:  alanmoss@caribsurf.com

Alan Moss