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#235: Jacmel Accomodations (fwd)

From: Patrick Slavin <pslavin@unicefusa.org>

On dlyall@cruzio.com's posting about the Bradt travel guide, it is available on
Amazon. As is Lonely Planet's new (June 1999) Dominican Republic & Haiti Guide,
by Scott Doggett and Leah Gordon. 

I have to sadly disagree with dlyall's endorsement of the Alexandre in Jacmel.
After the Pension Craft burned, I had many memorable stays at the Alexandre in
1990 and 1991. Its giant ceilings, verandas and beautiful garden, let alone the
magnificent antique furniture and cuisine, made it an a wonderful inn for any
vulture. But with the passing of proprietor Mme. Vital in 1991, the Alexandre
has declined, slowly and steadily. When I was in Jacmel in February, the back
garden wall was covered in barbed wire, the upstairs veranda felt decidely
unsafe, and the word in town was that the inn was running irregularly, at best. 

But as a sign of current good times in Jacmel ?? and the town was booming in
February -- some Jacmellieans have formed the Jacmel Bed and Breakfast
Association (AMETS). In the past year, nine Jacmel homes have formed this B&B
association, and I stayed in a comfortable house (with two balconies) in the
center of town. Single room with breakfast, US$22 or $32 with dinner. Doubles:
$32 with breakfast, $47 with dinner. For reservations, contact Jean Joseph
Forgeas, AMETS, P.O. Box 86, Jacmel, Haiti. Tel: (509) 288-2840. Highly

BTW: I have found mail service to Jacmel to be very reliable (knock on wood).
Ususally taking about a week for a letter to get to Jacmel from New York -- less
than that coming the other way.