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#234: Statement of U.S. Ambassador to Haiti

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

>From the US Embassy Web Site

U.S. Information Service
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

July 4, 1999
Statement of U.S. Ambassador to Haiti Timothy Carney, 
on the occasion of the Fourth of July

Welcome to the Fourth of July. This is the second time that Vicki and I 
have the pleasure of spending the anniversary of American Independence 
in Haiti. Normally, the Haitian people are our hosts. Today, however, we 
have the honor of being your hosts.

I have the privilege of being the current representative to Haiti in a 
long line dating back to the year 1862. Through 137 years of diplomatic 
relations between Haiti and the United States, our two countries have 
developed a complex relationship, one that has known both ups and downs. 
We have today many interests in common -- demoracy, economic 
development, insuring the rule of law -- not just in Haiti, but 
throughout the world.

We are all, both Haitians and Americans, delighted by recent progress 
toward elections. I congratulate the Provisional Electoral Council for 
the electoral law they have drafted, a proposal which responds above all 
to the reality of Haitian politics. I salute you for your courage. But 
now, as the President of the Council told me several days ago, it is 
high time to "step on the accelerator."

We all know the elections will effectively determine the next 10 years 
of Haiti's future. All Haitians must commit themselves to making these 
elections a success. That means speaking out against and sanctioning 
those who use violence and intimidation, recognizing that political 
opponents are part of a necessary national process, insisting that 
political parties clearly explain their programs, and then holding them, 
one elected, to the promises they made.

These elections will also define Haiti's relations with the United 
States. The United States will be there to supply gas, as the motor 
responds to the accelerator. I am talking about significant financial 
and technical assistance, within the constraints established by American 

We all look forward to working together over the next year and to being 
in a position to congratulate ourselves on the 4th of July 2000 for the 
success of our efforts.