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#247: Needs information on Aristotle Onassis and Papa Doc!

From: CARMEN BARBEE <amergoth@earthlink.net>

I have been writing a book that spans the years between 1940 and 1965. 
One of the subjects that are involved in this book is Aristotle Onassis. 
During the research I have read statements that he was " friends" with 
Papa Doc Duvalier. I have been unable to verify these statements with any 
credibility. In an attempt to locate any contact between the two 
mentioned men above, I have tried to determine if Aristotle Onassis at 
anytime during this period had a business relationship with Haiti. Again, 
I have came up empty.

I have looked for answers through every resource available to me. I am 
hoping that you will be able to help me in this endeavor. I received your 
name as a possible source of assistance from the Haitian Embassy. I would 
be very grateful with any information you could help me gather, perhaps 
even point me in the right direction on how to gain such material.

Please respond directly 
Thank You

Richard Davidson