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#248: Creole words from English: Constant adds


>From english, many creole words have been coind by adding a suffix 'man'
like in radiatorman, kaotchouman, radioman, dukoman, etc, all for the
person fixing a radiator, tire, radio, painting (from the brandname
Douco). En plus of the terms used for repairs, the suffix man can be
added like in dasoman, who will jump over the fence as not to pay the
entrance fee (pran daso). PBS gives himself 1 ex. by writing 'kreyol
mwen pa fin' yes '.

I'm not a linguist. Just responding to PBS' regarding other words,
so ...

> there are others that escape me at the  moment. Kreyo mwen pa fin
> 'yes.' Anyone cares to add to the list?
> What of Portuguese/Kongo words, such as "bunda" and "kachimbo?"
> From Dutch sources? P.B.-S.