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#253: Places to stay in Okap

From: Ingegerd N Petersen <inp.ry@ci.kk.dk>

I'm just back from working with Project Teach in Milot, and stayed last
week at CRUDEM, a place run by Catholic sisters. To us, it was luxury,
after a week at the Baptist mission across the street. CRUDEM has
pavillions with six screened rooms, single or double, some with AC,
electricity in the morning and evening, there is a "family room" with a
tv and video, a fridge, drinking water... and a wonderful cook. I think
the rate is 25U$ a day plus meals, but for a month you could cut a deal.
Lots of researchers like you come and go, and there is privacy to work.
If you don't need to be au Cap every day this may be a solution for you.
The only drawback is the road Cap-Milot, about 18 km of the worst road,
even for Haiti. Completely cratered... but as we left, ingeneers were
working seriously, and machines and materials were in place, so with a
little luck, thinngs are improving.


From: Anne Russell <avrussell@hotmail.com>

The Hotel Brise de Mer is a small pension on the Waterfront -- inexpensive 
and provides breakfast.  The food there is quite good too.  I stayed there 
for a month quite comfortably.  For cheap, this is the place to go.  
However, I don't know if the quality has been maintained since the 
proprietor, Mdm. Roger, passed on.  Still, it's worth looking into.

There is also the Hotel Roi Christophe which is more traditional hotel-like 
but still not as expensive as the Montjolie on the hill.

The Montjolie is a regular hotel, really expensive for the area, but nice.

If you have a good 4X4, you could also stay at Cormier Plage, a beautiful, 
secluded small beach resort with excellent food, and other amenities.  
Certainly visit it on a weekend and take in the natural reefs around the 
place.  The owner is a Frenchman who used to dive with Jacques Cousteau.

Yet another option is Becks Hotel, although I think they rent their rooms as 
apartments now.  You might want to check.

Apparently there is a new pension run by some French right across the street 
from the Brise de Mer where the food is quite good as well.  If the Brise de 
Mer doesn't work out, this might be worth a shot.  However, I have only 
heard about this one so can't tell you its name.

Some people have mentioned the Universal Hotel, but when I lived in Cap 
Haitien, it was pretty much considered the bottom of the barrel.  It tends 
to get a lot of business only because it is readily accessible from the main 
road into town.