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#268: taking vehicles to Haiti: Alvord comments

From: alvord <alvord@lightspeed.net>

 I bought a motorcycle in Haiti . It seemed cheaper and more to my 
 impulse nature to buy it there for around two thousand dollars. It was 
 more than it would have cost in the states for sure.  It was new but a 
 couple of years old. It ran great as I took it from storage at various 
 friends homes every 4- 6 months. It was great to have it there and if 
 one could easily afford a 4 wheeler and expected many trips it would be 
 wise.  However, a secure and dependable storage for it might not be easy 
 for a valuable machine.  I have seen such vehichels get considerable 
 usage from the care takers. It took a while to learn that gas does not 
 last as being potent over a few months there and I always had to load up 
 new gas when restarting the moto. Good luck.

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