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#267: A Protestant Crusade Against Bwa Kayiman in August? (fwd)

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

I think there is a sort of misunderstanding (from some protestant leaders) 
concerning the "Bwa Kayiman" issue. Some of them would interpet the ceremony 
as a type of "pichon" that have fallen on Haiti instead of just seeing it 
from a diachronic point of view (a sample gathering by some slaves and 
slaves leaders where they took an oaf to finish off with slavery in 
Saint-Domingue). As I heard about this sort of recent HOLY WAR (through some 
Haitian radio based in Boston), I interpret it as a sort of "scaped goat" 
(certain leaders have chosen) instead of blaming Haitian leaders for driving 
AYITI CHERI to dead-end she have been. And according to the constitution, 
Haitians are free to practice their chosen religion. So, if "vozouyizan" or 
christians want to do their ceremony there, they want can do it peacefully 
and with respect for one another to stop this fight.