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#170: List-member Michel DeGraff edited a book on Creolization

Book on Creolization edited by list-member Michel DeGraff

DEVELOPMENT.  Edited by Michel DeGraff.  Cambridge, MA:  The MIT Press, 1999.
ISBN # 0-262-04168-5.  Published in cloth at $65.00

I will have to get some help from Michel DeGraff or other language 
experts to give a coherent picture of this work to us layfolks.  It looks 
fairly technical to me.

This is a book of essays.  DeGraff opens the volume with an essay 
"Creolization, Language, Change, and Language Acquisition: A 
Prolegomenon.  Then DeGraff ends the volume with an essay of the same 
title, except it is the Epilogue.  In between are 13 other essays by 
other scholars.  None seem explicitly about Haitian Creole, but various 
topics related to the general theme of the book.

If any of you find any on-line reviews please let me know and I'll post 
one to the group to give a more coherent view of what the book is all 
about, or I would welcome Michel or other scholars to send in a note.

Bob Corbett