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#171: Pageant attracts local beauty... (fwd)


Published Sunday, August 1, 1999, in the Miami Herald 
 Pageant attracts local beauty, talent N. Miami singer takes the crown

 By HANS MARDY Herald Writer 

 When her daughter was a child, Marie Luberiste tried to stop her from
continually singing and dancing. ``But I could not,'' Luberiste said.
``Now I'm proud of her.'' Sandra St. Juste, 22, a resident of North
Miami, was crowned Miss Haiti-South Florida 1999 July 24 at the Barry
University Auditorium in front of an audience that included her mother,
stepfather Dormeus, brother Ricky and other family members.
 A native of Cap-Haitien, the second-largest city in Haiti, St. Juste
left her homeland at age 8 to join her mother in Little Haiti. But she
always has cared about her homeland and wants someday to be able to
 give back to the poor children in her native country -- after she makes
a success of herself as a professional singer. For the talent portion of
the pageant, St. Juste sang Would You Stay the Same? She wrote the song
two years ago. St. Juste, a graduate of Miami Central High, is studying
performing arts at Miami-Dade Community College. Co-hosting the pageant
were Miss America 1991 Marjorie Vincent, who is of Haitian descent,
Terry Alexander, of WEDR 99 JAMZ FM and Hallan Daphnis, a
 Haitian radio personality. Among the judges was Edna Delinois, Miss
Haiti 1961. ``It was very difficult to make a choice,'' Delinois said.
``All the contestants were beautiful and talented.'' The 10 contestants,
between the ages of 18 and 25, were judged on beauty, charm, poise,
personality and creative talents. Carmelle Magloire, 19, of North Miami
was first runner-up. Betti Formeus, 22, also of North Miami, was second
runner-up. ``All 10 are winners,'' said Victoria Pierre, who along with
Paul Neil has produced the pageant the past three years. Next up for St.
Juste: a trip to France to compete in the Miss Haiti-International
 Beauty Pageant.