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#194: Boukman Eksperyans: several replies

From: Anne Russell <avrussell@hotmail.com>

You can just call Agence Citadelle  --  they have all of the numbers.

Tel. Lavil: 222-5900, 223-5900

Tel. Petion-Ville: 257-3586, 257-0944, 257-3868

There is also Cecile Castra's travel agency in Delmas 32:

Tel. 249-4332

She's an exceptional travel agent.

Hope this helps.



From: Jetphire@aol.com

Boukman Eksperyans is playing at Slims in San Francisco Wed. August 4th.
Slims is 333 11th Street between Folsom and Harrison Streets. Show starts at 
9pm-see you there.