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#196: Search for "College Marie Anne" Alumni ! (fwd)


We are trying to gather information on the whereabouts of 
alumni from "College Marie Anne" (CMA) High School, 
at rue Christ-Roi, Bourdon, Port-au-Prince,Haiti.

Should you be an alumnus of CMA or know someone 
who attended CMA at any point of time, 
please contact us at: 


or you may call:

Florence Baley: Tel: (718)  341-8968
Queens, NY

Dominique Claude: Tel: (718) 527-7253
Queens, NY

Ann Isabelle Nau:  Tel: (323)939-2477
Los Angeles, CA

Sabine Philippe:   Tel: (617) 262-1956
Boston, MA

Marlene Saint-Phard:  Tel (202) 483-7224
Washington, DC