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#228: This Week in Haiti 17:20 8/4/99 : Poirier replies to Dorc

From: Jean Paul Poirier <jpp@compa.net>

From: Jean Paul Poirier

I would not imply that the MICIVIH, UN Police trainers and support group are
in haiti for altruistic objectives.

They are simply here to do the job they have been instructed to do. Often,
as has been my experience that scope of work falls very short of the
objective to achieve. Most programs cost too much money for the resuls
achieved. The US taxpayer and the normal Haitian citizen deserves better. I
foreigners do not go the extra mile, they will not meet those motivated
haitians who can make a difference. I have seen way too many foreigners
sitting by a pool, in a house way above their wildest dreams, to believe in
the foreign fairy godmother. On the other hand, some foreigners get caught
in the local corruption cesspool and defend crooks any which way.

We can help haitians make a difference, only if we understand what it takes
and go the extra mile.