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#227: Simidor's pragmatics or semantics... Vedrine replies

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

>Vedrine has said and I believe him that he's against religious
>intolerance and the prospect of an evangelical holy war against Bwa
>Kayiman, so this is hardly an argument against him.  At the same
>time, Vedrine insists on the crusaders' right to worship anywhere
>they please (Bwa Kayiman, Souvnans, Sodo, etc.) as long as they
>come peacefully. (Daniel Simidor)

- I Hope Mr. Simidor goes back to these postings, reads them carefully 
instead of giving them his own semantic interpretation. Also for the sake of 
it, go back to the '87 Constitution, read carefully the section on 
"religious tolerance" and point out specific places where certain religious 
sects can't practice their faith.


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