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#224: A Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela (fwd)

From: Max Blanchet <MaxBlanchet@worldnet.att.net>

CORBETT NOTES:  Max very much wants discussion on this issue.  The
issue is not directly related to Haiti whatever the historic roots
of the two countries, so I am asking any of you who wish to follow up
please write directly to Max Blanchet at


In a very recent posting, I brought up the issue

related to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's 

intention of implementing a "peaceful, democratic and

bolivarian revolution in Venezuela."

I am personally fascinated by the concept of a "bolivarian

revolution" and I would like to invite the historians and all 

those interested in Latin American history on Corbett' list  to 

comment on this subject.

I hope Bob Corbett will allow this exchange to take place 

for it is relevant to Haitian history an current affairs given

the partnership between Petion and Bolivar in initiating the 

pan-Americanist movement and the seeming convergence

between Lavalas/JBAristide and the Chavez "raz de marée.".