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#235: recognition in Guide Book (fwd)

From: Charles Arthur - Haiti Support Group <haitisupport@gn.apc.org>

The recently published guide book to Haiti that Nekita referred to is:

Dominican Republic and Haiti

published by Lonely Planet.

The highly recommended section on Haiti was written by Corbett lister, and
Haiti Support Group stalwart, Leah Gordon.

Corbettlanders who receive thanks from Leah Gordon for assistance in the
course of research for the guide include:
Kathy Klarreich, Jean-Yves Urfie, Micelle Karshan, Paul Paretsky, Bob
Corbett, Brian D. Oates, Greg Chamberlain, and Linda Polman. 

Leah also thanks the 'Vodou collective' of Kathy Grey, Michel Degraff,
Patrick Bellegarde-Smith, Leslie Desmangles, Guy Antoine, Emmanuel Vedrine,
and Jean Saint-Vil, whose arguments were instrumental in pursuading Lonely
Planet to accept the spelling 'Vodou' rather than 'voodoo'.

The book is available in the US priced $15.95. In the UK it costs £10.99,
in France 120 francs, and in Australia $21.95.

Charles Arthur
Haiti Support Group    (haitisupport@gn.apc.org)