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#234: This Week in Haiti 17:20 8/4/99 : Sinai replies to Dorc

From: Joshua Sinai <jsinai@erols.com>

To Kathy Dorce,

I appreciate your concerns about "Big Power" intervention in a country, and
agree that the ideal situation would be for Haiti to manage its own
affairs, including the security situation, as an independent and sovereign
country.  I would, however, like to offer two points of correction.  First,
the intervention in Haiti was implemented by a Democratic administration,
which was concerned about improving the situation in Haiti.  It was a
Republican administration that pursued the anti-Sandinista campaign in the
1980's.  Second, the Republican-controlled Congress is not particularly
keen on any American involvement in Haiti, and in fact was opposed to the
September 1994 intervention to restore Aristide to power.

I am curious to know what possible interests might motivate American big
business to influence U.S. policy in Haiti?  

Otherwise, I'm in agreement with your position.

Joshua Sinai