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#248: This Week in Haiti 17:20 8/4/99 : Dorc comments


In a message dated 8/10/99 10:18:24 AM Pacific Daylight Time, Joshua Sinai 
<jsinai@erols.com>  writes:

<< First, the intervention in Haiti was implemented by a Democratic 
 which was concerned about improving the situation in Haiti.  It was a
 Republican administration that pursued the anti-Sandinista campaign in the
 1980's.  Second, the Republican-controlled Congress is not particularly
 keen on any American involvement in Haiti, and in fact was opposed to the
 September 1994 intervention to restore Aristide to power. >>
I am aware of the parties involved in the two different situations I brought 
up in my post.  However I don't think we are in conflict.  My contention is 
that the White House, along with Democratic congresspeople, support democracy 
in Haiti and helped Aristide return to office. (I believe if Bush had 
retained the Presidency we would not have had Aristide returned to Haiti, nor 
would there have been an intervention....also I believe that the Republican 
controlled congress seriously diluted the level of help Clinton wanted to 
provide to Haiti during the coup and after.)  The Republicans, who I feel 
represent big business in this country, do not want to see decent wages and 
other improvements in the quality of life of the majority of Haitians because 
they want to preserve Haiti as a source of slave labor right in their own 
backyard.  If they are interested in any modifications to Haitian policies, 
it is to enable foreign businesses to operate there more easily and with 
fewer hassles.  The same group of Republicans supported the anti-Sandinista 
campaign.  I know I sound simplistic, but for the sake of making my point on 
this subject, I am generalizing in this way.   I know Jesse Helms is not the 
Republican party.....but he still wields a lot of power in foreign policy and 
is no friend to the majority class of Haiti, or to anyone darker than his 
lily white rear end.  If I failed to make my biases clear on my first post, I 
do hope I have ended any confusion with this post...;) 


Kathy Dorcé