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$249: Caribbean Plaza :Spring Valley, New York

From: jean jean-pierre <6999@st.mne.net>

Dear Corbetters you are all invited to see in concert -well- café concert
Emmeline Michel this Saturday August 14,1999.
Tony Moise and Shleu and Shleu will perform on the 21st.
The great vocalist JOE TROUILLOT with the EDNER GUIGNARD sextet 
will be on August 28, 1999. 
Coming in September:The voice on the Weber Sicot Orchestra:
André Dorismond.
Caribbean Plaza is located at 240 N. Main Street, Spring Valley NY
Info. and reservations at 914-371-2273.
See you all
Jean Jean 
Oh! I'll be on the drums as part of the Edner Guignard sextet.