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#250: U.S./Aristide and Haiti: Foxwell comments

From: Louis Foxwell <l.foxwell@worldnet.att.net>

  >The Republicans, who I feel represent big business in this country, do 
not want to see 
 >decent wages and other improvements in the quality of life of the 
majority of Haitians 
 >because they want to preserve Haiti as a source of slave labor right in 
their own backyard.  

 For many years efforts by both Democratic and Republican administrations 
as well as 
 American business brought about  continuing improvement in Haiti. This 
was ended when the  
 administration of William Jefferson Clinton destroyed the Haitian 
economy with a criminal 
 embargo, violated national law by invading Haiti militarily and placed a 
discredited puppet 
regime in power. Haiti has been in the toilet ever since.   

 It is the criminal behavior of the Clinton administration and their 
puppet tyrant, Aristide, that 
 has made paupers and slaves of the Haitian people. Businesses require a 
stable government 
 to bring jobs and a decent standard of living to the Haitian people. 
Before Aristide stability 
existed. Now there is institutionalized anarchy.

 Clinton and Aristide do not want the Haitian people to rise out of their 
poverty. Aristide has 
 said that he will break the back of the Haitian economy in order to 
create his personal style of 
collectivism. He and his patron, Clinton, have succeeded in doing just that. 

 Any objective observer must recognize that Aristide's return to power 
promises a reign of 
 terror the likes of which have not been seen since Christoph. This is 

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