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#274: LIfe in Haiti

                  Some facts about life in Haiti

          Some facts about life in Haiti A snapshot of Haiti:

          -Life expectancy of 54 years.

          -Per capita income of $250.

          -Three-quarters of Haitians have no running water.

          -Unemployment rate near 70 percent.

          -Half of Haiti's 8 million people are illiterate.

          -Only 3 percent of rural population has access to electricity.

          -Fewer than 100,000 telephone lines.

          -80 percent of Haiti's 5 million peasants live in absolute
poverty; most
          are landless.

          -45 percent of school-age children have never been to school.

          -Malnutrition affects 35 percent of rural children under 5
years old.

          -Infant mortality in rural areas 144 per 1,000.