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#273: U.S./Aristide and Haiti: A replie to Foxwell

From: Concerned Haitians League/Asanblaj Ayisyen Konsene <chl@ic.sunysb.edu>

Mr. Foxwell,

Regretably, in the summary of your opinion you have failed to provide
Corbetteers, such as the Concerned Haitian League, with cogent facts,
supporting your essay.

I am sure you mean well.  However, I am also certain you would agree that
legitimacy has a legal ("de jure") foundation and not one of "de facto"

On the question of socioeconomic development, it is important that we
place the blame on ourselves first.  Indeed, it is far too easy to
proclaim that the imperial powers are still at work, imposing their 
neoliberal agenda on us.  Yet, while there may be no doubt about it, ask
yourself these questions:
		Who buys the imported rice?
		Who detroys the Haitian roads?
		Who directly oppresses the Haitian populace?
		Who places his money in Swiss bank accounts?
		Who cheats the Haitian Government of its tax revenue?		

Though these questions may be limited in their scope, hopefully they
will remind us of this idea: 
	"si lakay pa vann ou, peson paka achte-w!"

Charles Valembrun

Concerned Haitian League 
Stony Brook Union Building 
Room 252 
Stony Brook, New York, 11794 
Telephone: (516) 632-4131