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#278: "Libčte: A Haitian Anthology" (new book) : Vedrine comments

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>


Libète: A Haitian Anthology. Charles Arthur and Michael Dash (eds).
352 p.

First published in UK (1999)by
Latin American Bureau (Research and Action) Ltd.
and in the US by Markus Wiener Publishers Inc.

ISBN 1-55876-212-4 (hbk)
ISBN 1-55876-213-2 (pbk)

"Libète: A Haitian Anthology' aims not just to introduce some of the best 
writing about this dramatic history. Drawing on a wide range of texts by 
academics, historians, and travel writers, and featuring numerous extracts 
from the writings of Haitian novelists, poets, political activists, and 
journalists, it intends to explore the context, the ideas, and the culture 
from which this history has emerged. While many contemporary political 
analyses are rapidly overtaken by events and soon go out of date, this 
collection explores long-standing themes and their interpretation in the 
hope of providing the keys to an understanding of present-day Haiti for some 
time to come.

Each of the ten chapters addresses a particular theme and is preceded by an 
essay contextualising the extracts that follow. The total of more than 180 
extracts have been selected not only from the growing body of work by 
non-Haitian, and wherever possible, Haitian writers, but also from 
interviews, newsletters, press releases, and journalistic articles, in an 
attempt to acknowledge the views and perspectives of some of the majority of 
Haitians never taught to read and write, and consequently never published."

(excerpt from introduction)

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