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#279: New Haitian Newspaper from Garry Pierre-Pierre and Yves Colon

From: Garry Pierre-Pierre <gapierre@nytimes.com>

About three months ago, left the list because
I was mirred in a circular discussion that was going nowhere fast. As I
told you then, I was busy putting together a newspaper. Well, I'm happy to
report that in mid october our first edition should be out. It's a project
that Yves Colon and I have been working on for about a year. Yves will be
taken a leave from the Herald and the New York Times has already granted me
a leave to do this. 

The paper is a tabloid size weekly printed in English with a couple of
pages in French. It covers general news, from current events, to arts,
culture, business and sports. Our political line will be "dead center" and
focus as much about news from the diaspora as Haiti. We will criticize and
applaud when necessary. Our mission is to present our complex culture in
all of its nuances by highlighting our achievements and chronicling our
shortcomings all in the spirits of progress. Our motto is "Bridging the
Gap." and we tend to provide information about Haiti and here so ostensibly
we can get a better understanding of both sides. Joel Dreyfuss has
graciously accepted to write a columm for us on technology and business.
Edwidge Danticat whose prose about society and culture will be a regular
contributor. We're opening this invitation to the myriad of talents you
have on this list to share their ideas with our readers.  Furthemore, we're
looking for subscribers and people can easily sign up through our website.
Although w e have a website  the core of our project is the paper product,
which will be distributed to subscribers throughout the United States. It
will be available at newsstands and stores in Haitian neighborhoods in New
York, NJ, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Boston.
Please visit our website at www.haitiantimes.com.