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#280: Nyack (NY) Haitian resident crowned Miss Caribbean at Detroit, Michigan. (fwd)

From: jean jean-pierre <6999@st.mne.net>

Just a bit of good news. 
In Detroit, Michigan, over this past weekend, Anne Kathya Nelson became 
the first Haitian  to win the title Miss Carival Pageant at the seventh 
annual Caribbean International Festival. The Nyack (New York) resident 
was at her first try.  Ms. Nelson is a graduate of the state University 
of New York at Buffalo with a Bachelor of science in Business 
Said pageant is one of the major attractions of the summer ethnic 
festivals held in the city of Detroit.  Miss Nelson will meet the 
community at dinner-dance celebrating her crowning at Caribbean Plaza in 
Spring Valley (7 minutes from Nyack) on September 12, 99 at 7:00 PM.