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#281: Action of Grace:Soul of Urban Vodou (fwd)

From: Jim G. Frisken <bk087@scn.org>

Bonnie Devlin, a blan initiated as a Huntogi (ceremonial drum master) and 
Sou-Mambo, has produced an interesting and very listenable CD that she 
descibes as a musical tribute to the spirit of Vodou, and also to the 
spirit of all faiths which do not fear the passion of the soul.  Ms. 
Devlin plays all of the drum parts on this studio-produced CD and sings 
in Creole and a bit of French and English in a beautiful deep voice, 
following a logical ceremonial progression from her personal Action of 
Grace and bush priestess (pret savanne) segments through Yenvalou 
(yanvalou), Zepaule (Zepol), Djumba (Djuba), Nago, Maiis (Mahi, Mayi), 
Ibo, Congo, Ghede, Banda, Petro and ending with another of her 
compositions.  The recording quality is excellent and all drum parts can 
be heard clearly, unlike most field recordings.  Normally I'd be hesitant 
to recommend a ceremonial recording to a general audience, but I 
personally find her CD to be very relaxing and even hypnotic in places, a 
fine listening experience available on Lyrichord ( LYRCD 7446 ).  
Lyrichord also still sell their classic cassettes The Devine Horsemen: 
Voodoo Gods of Haiti ( LLCT 7341 ), Maya Deren's wonderful 1940's field 
recordings, and the 1970's  Voodoo Trance Music : Ritual Drums of Haiti ( 
LLCT 7279 ).  Another 1970's field recording still available on LP is 
Ansonia Records SALP 1543, Haitian Voodoo - Drums and Chants, a ceremony 
recorded in Boucan Carre, north of Mirabalais.  The album cover features 
interesting photos of Vodou art, altars, drummers, and of the ceremony.

Lyrichord Discs, 141 Perry St., New York, New York, 10014, 
www.lyrichord.com ,  1-888-LYRICHO
Ansonia Records, 380 Kamena St., Fairview, New Jersey, 07022 - 1735  
(201) 945-7600