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#282: Haitian pride : Vedrine comments

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

"Can Haitians be proud of Haiti?" (Evans Thesee)

- I would pose the question this way: Can a Haitian be proud of being 
Haitian? Remember, no matter how Haiti is Haitians are responsible. And I 
think it's also important for every single Haitian to try to do something 
positive. We, who are in the Diaspora, have the opportunity to create a 
positive image of Haiti. I don't how much travels some young and old 
Haitians have done (to other countries) in order to answer the above 
questions which remind me of the beautiful verses of "Ayiti Cheri" (Haiti, 
my darling).

In any case, it's a heavy load on one's shoulder. This is not just a "yes" 
or "no" question of information. Answering either one in the positive or 
vice versa, has a lot to do with the individual's view (of being Haitian and 
of having some historical background of their country).

In an interview with a Haitian journalist, Roody Barthelemy, he says: "...Se 
vre nou reprezante Ayiti. Nou chak Ayisyen reprezante Ayiti, men nou pa 
reprezante Ayiti nan tout domèn, pase nou gen limit nou..." [... It's true 
that we represent Haiti. Each of us represents Haiti, but we don't represent 
Haiti in all domains because we have our limit]*1.

Note: *1 - [re: "Chache-konnen ak Vedrine", Haiti-Diaspo Inter - Radio talk 
show, 1330 a.m. Boston, MA. August 10, 1997]


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