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#294: And they kept coming... and coming... and coming... (fwd)

From: Jocelyn McCalla <JMcCalla@nchr.org>

The turnout last week at TGIT was quite something. Groups of people were
strolling in, and every time we thought that it was time to turn off the
lights another group would show up... We had a good time and were pleased to
see among the friends of NCHR Guy Antoine (www.windowsonhaiti.com
<http://www.windowsonhaiti.com>  ), Marjorie Valbrun (Wall Street Journal),
Brian Concannon (Avoka Ayiti), Reed Brody (Human Rights Watch), Muzz (UNITE)
and Helene, Peter Daly, Lois Wilcken (Troupe Mackandal), Kathy Orenstein,
Elsie Surena... and the list goes on.

A few brave souls stayed around until the end to ensure the safety of
Liqueur 44 which had to be transported to an undisclosed location for its
bottling. I am pleased to report that Liqueur 44 - The Vulture Collection -
yielded several bottles on the 44th day. They are nicely dressed with a
fantastic print that enhances their value to the connaisseur (e.g. Oloffson
vultures). Chateau Higbie has promised to donate some bottles as long as the
price is right. Perhaps we will have some for display at this Thursday's

Meanwhile the rules remain the same: bring a little love (wine, cheese,
spirits, fruit, crackers, soft drinks, beer), do a little dance (relax,
shake away the stress), and enjoy the sunset on the terrace at 275 Seventh
Avenue, 25th floor, corner of 25th street. Perhaps Bill O'Neill, who will
soon join the staff of the UN Mission in Kosovo as the chief human rights
advisor to Bernard Kouchner, will come in to say farewell before he's
whisked away for at least 6 months. Or maybe Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck
will walk in... who knows!

See you,

Jocelyn McCalla
Executive Director
National Coalition for Haitian Rights
Jmccalla@nchr.org <mailto:Jmccalla@nchr.org> 
www.nchr.org <http://www.nchr.org>