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#296: English in Kreyol (fwd)

From: Emmanuel W. Vedrine <evedrine@hotmail.com>

["I find it interesting to see where english  has entered into creole, some 
*shoe black (choublak)- Is the common name for hybiscus and comes from the 
American occupation of 1915, the hybiscus flower is used to shine black 
shoes and the American soldiers, not speaking Creole, said "shoe black" when 
they wanted their boots polished and it stuck. I once explained that to  the 
chef  of my restaurant in P.V. who had no idea it was actually English or 
what it meant besides the hybiscus flower, which incidentally, makes 
excellent tea called "thE choublak"
*coat (kOt) - also jacket (jaket) is frequently used.
*Many words have been incorporated into Creole (as Mr.Vedrine pointed out 
using klorOx as an example) from the brand name most commonly used i.e. 
'delco for generator, 'frijidE' for refridgerator and others.
*Hotdog is used and not "Chencho" (hehe) as well as tchips (sp?) for potato 
chips etc. and "maykwowav" to heat your chencho.
* you have often a "watEhitE" (water heater) tho not always (don"t use watE 
without hitE, it means something else entirely!)..." (Carrie)]

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