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#334: Journalistic collaboration sought on the subject of street children - Panos Institute asks (fwd)

From: Panos-Haiti <panos@haitiweb.net>

From: L'Institut Panos <panos@haitiweb.net>


Carril Desrosiers is a Haitian freelance journalist. He has approached the
Panos Institute to assist him in finding colleagues throughout the Caribbean
region who share his interest in reporting on street children issues and
collecting their stories and testimonies.

Carril has started to report on the situation of street children in Haiti.
He intends to report both from the Capital as well as from the provinces. He
would like to be in touch with colleagues in other Caribbean countries to
exchange data, materials and experiences, and eventually collaborate in more
region-wide reporting on this issue. He works both in print and radio.

In this venture, he works closely with the Panos Institute, an international
information organisation that works to strengthen civil society in countries
across the globe by helping journalists to cover sustainable development
issues that are overlooked and misunderstood, in particular those whose
impact transcends national boundaries.

Please contact Carril Desrosiers at the Panos Institute, B.P. 1595,
Port-au-Prince. Tel/fax: (509) 245-1672; email: panos@haitiweb.net.