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#334: Book of poems by Jacques Roumain: BOIS D'EBENE / EBONY WOOD

>From Bob Corbett:

I thought I had all of Jacques Roumain's works which have been translated
into English.  However, today's mail brought me a lovely copy (though
well-worn, makes me feel comfortable)of a 1972 book of poetry:
BOIS D'EBENE / EBONY WOOD.  Translated by Sidney Shapio and published in
New York by Interworld Press, 1972.  The translation is from a 1945
French original.

Do others of you know this work in either this translated version or
in the French original?  Any particularly interesting background?  I 
wonder why this would be the first time it ever turned up for me in all
these many years of searching for Haiti material.  Any ideas?

Bob Corbett