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#400: response to Madison Bell's comment from Gill

From: Mark Gill <markgill@midwest.net>

the comments of Shacochis are sobering, and hard....but i fear
they are accurate......

i fear that whatever has tried to take root, the beginnings of some
form of democracy, which surely most would think a sign of progress,
might very well be lost....

if one is interested in seeing the life conditions of the "average"
Haitian improve, one must be concerned greatly concerned about the

are there only two options possible?  "democracy" on the one hand,or
a return to some form of anarchy on the other?  it is difficult to
think that "anarchy" in "the Haitian style" means progress, if one
desires improvement for the "average" Haitian......are there any 
signs that benevolence has become a character trait of the "elites"?

i cant stop thinking that the key is the police force....whether it
will or even can stay neutral....who will insure its neutrality?  if
this armed force remains neutral, then Haiti has a better chance of
trashing out direction for the future, free of repression and fear..

Mark Gill
Envoy to Caribbean, IAEWP (NGO)
Albert Schweitzer Caribbean Foundation
Albert Schweitzer Society International
drgill  markgill@midwest.net