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#441: Ulyhsse replies to Munsell

From: Gina Ulysse <gulysse@abacus.bates.edu>

Thank you Mr Munsell for that bit of reality check. Life does go on as it
always has. People simply keep adopting, as all of us often have to in
changing conditions. The mass hysteria (no matter how real) surrounding
the violence in Haiti has indeed deterred/is deterring people from the
island. However, we must realize and consider the fact that in too many
ways, it sadly perpetuates this popular perception of Haiti as this
"oddity" in the region that must be left alone to its own demise, for it
can only save itself. As we all know, Haiti did not get to where it is
today entirely on its own?

Gina Ulysse, Ph.D.			
Assistant Professor 
African-American Studies
Bates College 
Lewiston, Maine 

On Thu, 9 Sep 1999, Robert Corbett wrote:

> From: John Munsell <JMunsell@maf.org>
> For what it's worth...
> I've lived in Haiti for 2 years now and all I've heard is gloom and doom.  
> "Don't go here", "don't go there", "it can only get worse", etc.  Obviously 
> there are problems and killings and it's no picnic, BUT.  
> There is always a lot of building going on.  Every morning I see masons, 
> block makers, steel workers, and carpenters hard at work.  If I need some 
> welding work done I have to schedule a time to get the work done, they 
> can't come right out.  There are dozens of new gas stations with 
> mini-markets who are doing a booming business.  If I had the time and money 
> I'd get a franchise in here.  It's almost a sure bet.  There are better 
> one's out there than Jerry's Sub's and Pizza and Texaco Starmart, and these 
> guys are BUSY 14 hours a day.  I fly out over northeast of Port-au-Prince 
> and around Cap and many other places and there's construction and land 
> development.  There definitly is a middle class and it's growing.  I don't 
> have any hard facts, but I'd have to be blind not to see the growth.  
> Almost the entire 15 Oct road is lined with buildings and businesses being 
> built.  It wasn't there 2 years ago.  There are at least 5 new cell phone 
> tower sites in the last 6 months.  Busta is now the drink of choice (and 
> the bottles littered all over).  "Bon" (a company from the D.R.) and Nestle 
> Icecream carts are EVERYWHERE.  Carabintair and Tropical Airways are moving 
> close to 700 passengers a day inside Haiti and it keeps growing.  Etc, etc.
> So, are people worried?  Yes, very worried, but life goes on.
> On a side note I know of two instances in the last week where zengledos 
> have been hacked up with machete's and left in the street.  People are fed 
> up with the crime.  The worry is not a coup, it is crime, gangs, drugs, 
> car-jackings, and poor utilities.  I personally know 4 people who were 
> victims of car-jackings in the last 3 months, and I don't know anyone 
> anywhere in Haiti that hasn't had problems with phone, power or water 
> service.
> I know this is all just what I see in my life, but I hope it gives you all 
> an idea of the atmosphere apart from the news reports and news about 
> elections, etc.  Just heard a gun shot out on Delmas...  Life (and death) 
> goes on,
> John Munsell