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#440: Help in Creole: several responses

From: "P. Cormier" <Pcorm00@concentric.net>

I wish my Haitian friends were that particular about their spelling.  From
what I have studied, the proper way to spell the phrases would be:

"M'renmen ou"     OR   "Mwen renmen ou"
"Sa'k Pase"

Paul Cormier
Fondasyon Soley

From: "Emmanuel W. Vedrine" <evedrine@hotmail.com>

Correct spelling would be:

"mwen renmen w"

"sa k pase"

The "aksantegi" has been dropped in Kreyol since the the Kreyol voyels are 
"oral", different from French (to make a difference between "closed vs. 
opened "e"). How ever, to respect someone's name, I would suggest to leave 
the way they want it to be written. People have the copyright of themselves. 
Some writers maintain the "aksantegi" on proper names. It's their choice if 
they want it to be kreyolized (e.g "Frank Etienne" vs "Frankétienne")[still 
here in the kreyolized version, you can notice a nice French influence since 
Franketienne started publishing in Kreyol before the 1979-80 official degree 
(under Joseph Bernard, minister of Education in Haiti). But, some newspapers 
such as "Bon Nouvel" (the only montly Kreyol paper since 1967, currently 
headed by a catholic father from Belgium) would automatically creolized the 
french names. I try to understand their point since they are involved with 
literacy programs and this newspapers covers the whole republic; in other 
words, most of the subcribers are not completely bilingual (to pronounce the 
French words  with a French accents, but would rather kreyolized them). In 
few cases, they leave the original name in French and the kreolized version 
in the vernacular language (in parentheses).


[re: request from: nozier@tradewind.net]



	<< is it: "mouin rinmin'w", "mwen renmen'w", or "mwin rinmin'w" >>

	I write mwen or m'.  In the capital it is common to say 
	m'rinmin ou instead of saying mwen, like a contraction.  I am told
that in 
	the north they say mwen.  

	my best,

	Kathy Dorcé


From: "Jn-Gilles, Emile" <jngilles@pap.care.org>

The right one is MWEN.
No "accent aigu"exists in creole.