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#455: Reply to Stan Goff Article (fwd)

From: J. Don Barnett <jdonb@juno.com>

I appreciated all the info given by Stan concerning the U.S. undermining
of Aristide in much of their activity prior to and after his being ousted
in 1991.  However, Aristide, in my opinion helped himself out of office
by targeting the upper class for 'declassification'.  As I remember, in a
speech he made in 91 upon returning from a visit abroad, he declared that
'the rocks that have suffered in the sun will know the comfort of the
rocks in the water, and the rocks in the water will know the suffering of
the rocks in the sun', an obvious referral to the displacement of the
upper class and the elevation of the lower class, by force if necessary. 
Definitely not a very democratic means of moving a country forwarded.
If I am not recalling this event properly, I would love to hear from
other Corbeteers who can straighten me out.  Mesi davans.
Don Barnett
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