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#454: Delegations to Haiti (fwd)

From: Tom F. Driver <tfd3@columbia.edu>

Witness for Peace announces two delegations to Haiti:

    December 4-16, 1999, led by journalist Jim Luken,
    Theme:  The Struggle for Sustainability and Democracy in the Era of
            Free Trade
    Cost:   $1,115 plus airfare

    April 28 to May 11, 2000, co-led by Prof. Tom F. Driver, member of
    the WFP Haiti Task Force, and Elizabeth Miller of the WFP national
    Theme:  Resisting the New World Order: Politics, Economics and
            Sustainable Development in Haiti
    Cost:   $1,220 plus airfare

As Haiti looks forward to parliamentary and local elections later this
year, and a Presidential election in 2000, its future hangs in the
balance.  The political crisis in Haiti is not merely about per-
sonalities and power-plays, as the press usually depicts it.  Large
issues of development are at stake.  We at Witness for Peace want
Americans to be informed and influential before it's too late.

Both delegations will divide their time between the capitol city,
Port-au-Prince, and the rural site of Fondwa, where a forward-looking
peasants' association has made itself into a model project of
sustainable agricultural development.

    For further information or an application form for either
    deletation, please contact:

        Elizabeth Miller
        Witness for Peace
        1229 15th Street, NW
        Washington, DC 20005

Tom F. Driver
Sheffield, MA