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#453: Margaret Papillon: Nikita comments


I saw Margaret's name listed in Alice Theard's recent volumes(l998) . I have 
not read the entire four volumes. I am assuming sample of her works are  
among the 117 Haitian women who are featured in the books because her name is 
on the back cover  of one  the volumes.

 I think  mentionniong  " LaMarginale"  on this line for the first time  had 
generated comments from others who had read Papillon's books.

 However, I am still wondering why she does not get reviews on the Haitian 
papers. Why it took me to go to my local neighborhood library and randomly 
picked up a book I saw on a shelf to find out about her.

She should talk with her distributor or publisher. 

Or, Do you we only know about  Haitians whom the "Blan" had already 
recognized? Margaret is also a painter. 

There are many eloquent Haitian writers like Margaret Papillon who have not  
gotten the "Blan's blessing", who probably never will. 

Many Haitians tend to have  higher regard for something or someone that the 
"Blan" had already acclaimed.

Keep up with the good work!

Mwen renmen liv ou yo.