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#452: Taino re-settling Hayti, Wiley comments


In May I was in PaP and met a member of the Taino community that is settling 
on La Gonave.  He was staying at the home of Carla and Ron Bluntschli.  I was 
quite taken with him, a deeply peaceful man, but I cannot comment on the 
relationship between his community and the Haitians from LaGonave.  I also 
saw Chris Lowe from La Gonave on the same trip, and she did not report on any 
bad feelings between her neighbors and the Taino community.  I think Carla 
Bluntschli was going to try to take a trip to La Gonave sometime this fall.  
She might be a resource for information on the Taino community, which did 
move to Haiti because they have stories of the island in their oral history.

Shelley Wiley