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#444: Re: Margaret Papillon's email address.

From: Carrol Coates <ccoates@binghamton.edu>
>From: Philippe Dumoulin <p.dumoulin@worldnet.att.net>
>Hello every one. If you wish to contact Margaret Papillon, it can be done at
>maggypap@hotmail.com . I would like to know why she is not listed anywhere
>among the Haitian Women Novelist despite the fact that she wrote seven books
>since 1986? Thank you in advance.

In complementary answer to Philippe's note, I have used one of Margaret
Papillon's novels in my Haitian Lit. course at Binghamton and certainly
have in mind including her among the productive contemporary Haitian women
writers in whatever I am able to write in the future.  There is as yet no
general book on Haitian writers.
Carrol F. Coates
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