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#447: Martha O'Brien ask about use of Haitian images in fund-raising project (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.sfcpa.edu>

The Haiti "twinning" project at the school where I teach is in the 
process of gearing up for this year's fund-raisers.  We would like to 
have some sort of display indicating our progress (sort of like the 
"thermometers" often used for this purpose.)  It has been proposed 
that we use Haitian images from the internet for this purpose.  
Some of these images are of Vodou flags.  If we were to use these 
images, would followers of Vodou be offended?  Certainly we do not 
want to offend anyone and will not use the images if it would be 
considered offensive.

Please reply to me directly: