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#448: Haitian spelling (fwd)

From: Martha O'Brien <mobfa1@scotus.sfcpa.edu>

I'm glad that I'm not the only one confused by the spelling of Kreyol 
words.  From what I have read and experienced concerning Kreyol, 
(which is, admittedly, not a great deal), there have been, in the 
past 40 years or so, at least 2 widely-accepted methods of spelling 
(the names of which escape me.)  My understanding is that one of 
those methods is preferred at this time.  I do know that the 
Valdman series which I used to begin to learn Kreyol used the 
method in which the spelling "mouin rinmin ou" would appear but 
that the Haitians whom I know definitely prefer "mwen remen w" at 
this time.  (I do not know whether later editions of Valdman's 
wonderful text reflect this spelling or not.)  My impression is that 
the second spelling is a more recent standardization.  There are 
other differences as well, particularly the use or non-use of 
hyphens to connect markers to nouns and objects to verbs.  
What's more, when you use "w" and when you don't is a 
*complete* mystery to me--and I'm talking about "w" which could 
alternately be "r" as well as "w" which could alternately be "ou".  
Since I am such a novice in Kreyol I usually plead ignorance and 
try to ask someone if I am writing.  As for reading, I have found that 
it is handy to be aware of both methods so that you can adapt.