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#461: Guy Durosier Concert Tribute September 26, 1999 (fwd)

From: jean <jean@acd-pc.com>

One of the reasons for a concert honoring the recently departed
Guy Durosier  is to found a music institution  capable of  promoting and
conserving  some of Haiti's best music, most of which recorded many
years ago. And perhaps help bring to the fore some of our genres still
unknown to the world.  Especially those  which combined the big band 
sound  with some of our great number of vodou rhythms (e.g. Jazz des
Jeunes, Issa El Saieh, Orchestre Hotel El Rancho and Orchestre Hotel
Thanks. jean jean

                            GUY DUROSIER CONCERT TRIBUTE
				His life in Music

In association with the Durosier family, Mapou Productions, Ltd is
organizing on September 26, 1999 at Brooklyn College, Hilel  Place in
Brooklyn a Concert Tribute to  Haitian artist Guy Durosier departed on
August 18, 1999.  Mapou Productions, Ltd. which brought in 1995 for the
first time in 32 years on the same stage Martha Jean-Claude and Celia
Cruz  during the 2 day  Bouyon Rasin Concert, will gather this time some
of the best Haitian performers from several generations. Among them are
Robert Durosier (Mr. Durosier's surviving son), Michel Pressoir, Joe
Trouillot, Cubano, Edner Guignard, Max Prudent, Shoubou, Raoul
Guillaume, Beethova Obas,   Robert Durosier, Herby Widmaier, Emeline
Michel, Alan Cave (of Zin), Myriam Dorismé, Jean-Claude Eugene, Raymond
Cajuste etc? Backed by a 13 piece band, they will  perform the best of
the hits  popularized by Guy Durosier from 1947 to 1998. Tickets are on
sale at Marc Records, S.E.L.A., Antilles Music and many other outlets.
By mail, call 718-776-6999 and 914-425-6721.  
Part of the proceeds will help start the Guy Durosier Music Foundation.
Mapou Productions, Ltd. is non-profit organization.