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#479: Margaret Papillon: A reply to Nikita

From: KEMP <kemp@globelsud.net>

     I don't get it.
You write : "Or, Do you we only know about  Haitians whom the "Blan" had 
already recognized? (...) There are many eloquent Haitian writers like Margaret 
Papillon who have not  gotten the "Blan's blessing", who probably never will."

So, are the "Blan" wrong for recognizing Haitian talent?????

Don't blame the "Blan" for HAITIANS not recognizing their own people's talents!
And then, don't blame the "Blan" for recognizing Haitian talent.
But maybe blame Haitians in general for only recognizing Haitian talent if it 
is "pre-approved" by blancs...