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#486: Survey on US-Based Haitian/Haitian-American Organizations (fwd)

From:  <paccilie@hotmail.com>

Dear Mr. Corbett

I am presently conducting a survey on US-based Haitian/Haitian-American 
organizations.  I am therefor writing to ask you if it will be possible to 
post the following message on your list for me so that I will have access to 
a wider audience for this survey.

You could also fill out the survey for us, since what we are aiming at here, 
I think, might interest your group.  If you have questions you can e-mail me 
back at paccilie@hotmail.com.

Thank you for your help,

Best Regards

Philippe Accilien

Here's the message that I would like to display:

Dear Sir or Madam

I am presently conducting a survey on US-Bases Haitian and Haitian-American 
organizations for the firm Management Sytems International (MSI) which is 
currently managing the civil society project in Haiti.  The aim of the 
survey is to identify Haitian/Haitian-American Orgaizations in the big US 
metropolis, their sector activities, and their interest in working in Haiti. 
  In doing so, MSI is hoping to facilitate links between these organizations 
in the US and those in Haiti, and establish a stronger bridge for technical 
assistance and other assistance that individuals and organizations in the US 
would like to provide to those in Haiti.

I am therefore asking for your help in filling out this survey for me to the 
best of your abilities.  If you know of other organizations you can also 
pass it to them for them to fill out for me.  You can either return it to me 
via e-mail at paccilie@hotmail.com or you can fax to us at MSI: Attn 
philippe accilien @ 202-488-0754.

I appreciate you're taking the time to fill this out for us, and if you have 
any questions please feel free to contact me via e-mail or you can call me 
(philippe accilien) @ 202-484-7170.

Thank you, Sincerely

Philippe Accilien

Now I am pasting the survey to this note

I   Organization and Contact Information

Name of organization

Contact Person

Alternative Contact Person

Date the organization was founded

Primary objective:

Has this objective widened or shrunk over the years?

Where do you see the organization going five years from now?

II.   Structure
Can you tell us something about the basic structure of your organization?

What is the size of your membership now?

How active is the membership in the activities of the organization?
Scale 1-5

How would you characterize the growth of your membership over the past five 

On the rise          Constant         On the fall

How often do you have elections?

How often does the leadership of the organization meet to discuss issues 
related to it?

How do you get members to participate in activities?

How does the organization attract new members?

What does the organization do for its members?

How well is the organization known in the community?
Scale 1-5

III.   Sector
What sector is your organization in?

Does your organization participate in activities with other organizations in 
the same sector?

In other sectors?

How much have you accomplished over the past :
Year?  Number of activities

2-5 years?

5-10 years?

Is it in line with your objectives?
IV.    Contact with Haiti
Has your organization undertaken any project in Haiti in the past?

How long ago was it?

What type of activity was it?

Was the activity a success?

Would you like to continue/enlarge this activity in the coming years and 
makes it an annual event?

Have you contacted other organizations in the United Sates and/or Haiti that 
would like to participate in your activity?

Is your organization interested in forming a coalition around this 
particular activity with the aforementioned organizations?

If your organization has not been conducting activities in Haiti, would it 
like to in the future?

What type of activities is it interested in?

What kind of assistance can your organization provide to other organizations 
in Haiti?

Are your members interested in providing technical assistance to Haiti?

What areas of expertise are they capable of accommodating?

Can the name of your organization be passed to organizations in Haiti/US 
that are interested in working in the same areas as your organization?

Is there a specific region in Haiti that your organization is interested in?

What have you found to be the single most important impediment in getting to 
participate in activities in Haiti?

What would facilitate your organization in participating in activities in 

Can you suggest the names and contact persons for 3-4 US-based organizations 
in your sector/geographical area




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