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#335: Fritz replies on drums at church

From: fritz <fritz@blueskystudios.com>

> From:Racine125@aol.com
> Actually, I had a recent conversation in Haiti with the lwa Gran Bwa.  Gran
> Bwa got a kick out of Catholics!  He thought they were in for a big surprise
> with their modernized rites incorporating traditional drums:

The Haitian congregation that attends St Jeromes' Church in Brooklyn
have enjoyed drums and other instruments as part of the service for a
long time. Probably since Fr. Guy Sansaricq (now Monseigneur)took over
as pastor. My wife and I loved the music so much, that we requested
that  the musicians play at our wedding this past August. Maybe lwa Gran
Bwa needs to take a trip out here and see that Haitian Catholics are
already realizing his vision.


Fritz Archer