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#536: BOn Nouvel's cost (fwd)


Hi again
I indicated earlier that in order to collaborate with Bon Nouvel in Haiti, I 
have prepaid 10 subscriptions that arrive to Florida every month to me. If 
you want, you can order directly from Educa Vision, this is an agreement we 
developed with "Bon Nouvel" to make things easier for people ordering from 
the US. 
The subscription for "Bòn Nouvèl" is $20.00 US for one year. Please add six 
dollars for Stamps (0.55 per month for 12 month). total $26.00 If you want, 
we can satart with Jan 1999 or from September 1999. 
Fequiere Vilsaint
Educa Vision Inc.
7550 NW 47 Ave.
Coconut Creek, FL 33073
954 725 0701