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#537: Info request for Haitian and Jamaican music (fwd)

From: Paul E Brodwin <brodwin@csd.uwm.edu>

Hi.  There are some great CD's out with traditional and contemporary
Haitian music (from field recordings of "chante lwa" to Vodoun-related
cuts by contemporary groups), put together by Liza McAlister, Gage
Averill, and others...

 Now my questions: 

	1. Other than the liner notes to above and Gage Averill's book,
what are the best published essays discussing popular Haitian music and
its transformations?  

	2. Do similar recordings exist for Jamaican music?  For example,
does Smithsonian Folkways have anything? Labels produced in New York or
Kingston? It's easy to buy commercial reggae recordings, but I was hoping
for something more eclectic which features the continuum from popular,
non-commercial music, church/ritual music, etc. 

I ask this because in teaching Anthro of Caribbean this semester, I will
discuss popular religious culture in Haiti and Jamaica, its transnational
circulation in the diaspora, and its commodification and entry into
regional and global marketplaces. 

Many thanks in advance to you CD collectors and/or ethnomusicologists!

Paul E. Brodwin
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University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
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