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#574: Research at British Universities : Malone comments

From: david malone <malone@ipacademy.org>

 Working on the UN, the US and Haiti at Oxford, 1995-97, was fairly 
 lonely, although the exceptional quality of the faculty more than made 
 up for the lack of expertise.  The late Rev. David Nicholls, much 
 published on the Caribbean, resided near Oxford and was very helpful 
 with my work.   Rod Prince, editor of Caribbean Insight was also helpful 
 in London.  Prof. L. Whithead at Oxford is interested in Haiti, but 
 peripherally and mainly relative to other Caribbean and Latin American 
 nations.  I left my archive of research material on Haiti to the very 
 dynamic Refugee Studies Program  at Oxford, which is linked to Queen 
 Elizabeth House.  In other words, there is interest in and some 
 knowledge of Haiti at Oxford, but it is diffuse.  

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>>> Robert Corbett <bcorbett@netcom.com> 09/26 7:21 PM >>>

From: Mark Alan Covey <mcovey@owlnet.rice.edu>

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know of any research being done at British universities
related to Haiti (linguistic, political, historical or other).  More
specifically, does anyone know if Oxford University has any professors 
that are doing any Haiti-related research?

Mark Covey